Roto-Clip specializes in hoof trimmers and log shapers.

Welcome to Roto-Clip Inc.

We have been making hoof trimming and log shaping discs since 1991. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic and changing industry. Please visit our contact page to request more information about our company and products. After all, Roto-Clip Inc. works for you.

Hoof trimming has seen a lot of changes in the last 30 years. Perhaps the most significant has been the change in the use of technology. Trimmers have gone from hand tools to power tools, abrasive discs to cutting discs.

In 1991, a local dairyman came to Central Valley Machine with a design for a hoof trimming disc. Two years later, he sold his design to the owner of Central Valley Machine, Jerry Wursten. In 1993, Jerry formed Roto-Clip Inc. to retail the trimming disc.

Since that time, new designs and materials have been used to improve the life and efficiency of the original disc. In addition, Roto-Clip discs are now used by log home contractors and wood sculptors, as well as dairy professionals. Our cutting discs are also used to shape plastics, foam, and rubber. Today, Roto-Clip Inc. is known throughout the world for our quality trimming and shaping discs.

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